2018.03.23 [Songkran is approaching]
Songkran holidays (Thai new year / Myanmar new year) is approaching.
Don't you have urgent shipments before the holidays? Details
2018.03.02 【Frozen shipping for Biopsy treatments】
For those who apply for cell analyzation in/out of Japan, we handle International temperature-controlled transportations of Bio-Medical samples.
Biopsy, a clinical examination of cells or tissues cut out of biological sample, is spotlighted recently. It is especially useful for fertility treatment as it requires just a part of a cell in its procedure.Biopsy makes the treatments easier and safer avoiding freezing or frozen shipping of fertilized egg itself. It can reduce the risk of deterioration of samples and loss or accidents during transportation as well. Above all, you will be less stressed thanks to those advantages. During transportation, the inner temperature of the container can be recorded for your extra relief.Please feel free to contact us if you consider international temperature-controlled Bio-Medical shipment.
2018.02.23 【Live Mouse Transportation Overseas】
JET8 can arrange international transportation of live mouse and other live animals for laboratory use from/to Japan.We will pick up at designated places with feed and transport cages for your animals and we deliver them quickly under suitable temperature control to the destination address. On behalf of Shipper, we investigate import/export regulations, create documents for international shipping and even arrange for animalquarantine inspection as well.We can also handle genetically modified animals, so please feel free to contact us. As we have completed many live animal transportations, we are waiting for your inquiry.
2017.10.10 《Payment accepted in USD, EURO, SGD and JPY》
JET8 can arrange;
・Preparing the shipping cost estimate in English
・Sending billing invoice in English
・Contacting shipper or consignee in English or other local languages
・Accepting payments by bank T/T or credit card
2017.9.20 [Notice for CRO domestic storage and transportation service plan in Japan]
JET8 is planning domestic storage of temperature control and transportation for Bio pharmaceutical ,CRO in Japan.Our accumulating knowledge in international temperature controlled shipment will apply to CRO Japan domestic transportation as well as Japan domestic storage.We are waiting for customer’s request and inquiry .