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Healthy and unique, Japanese food is gaining a growing appreciation from people the world over.

Where some see only food, we see the building and strengthening of cultural ties.

It's been with great pride that we in Japan have witnessed the growing popularity of many elements of Japanese culture among people all over the world in these recent years. With a reputation for being both healthy and unique, Japanese food in particular has enjoyed increasingly widespread appreciation among a variety of people the world over.

Unfortunately, for many people the variety of Japanese food available in their region is limited, and it can be extremely difficult and costly to attain the fresh ingredients many Japanese dishes call for. This is where we at Jet8 felt we could do our part to contribute to the cultural exchange.

Jet8 is unique as one of the very few Japanese companies that handles frozen and refrigerated international shipments. Thanks to our experience in this field, we are uniquely qualified to handle the export to other nations of a variety of Japanese food items, in anything from small shipments for personal use to larger shipments to business establishments like restaurants and specialty markets.

All of the products for purchase on this site are provided by Japanese markets and fisheries where these products received the rigorous attention to quality the Japanese are famous for. It is our great pleasure to make these products available to people the world over.

Ms. Takemoto

Kayo Takemoto
Director of foreign markets
Jet8 Cargo Company

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