JET8 Cargo Company -- Japanese food online catalogue

Privacy Policy

Jet8 Cargo Company (hereafter Jet8) handles all information received from users of its online catalogue in accordance with the following policies.

The acquisition and application of user information

In using Jet8's services, a user will be required to submit his or her name, birth date, an address, and a telephone number and email address where he or she may be contacted, in addition to credit card information. Under no circumstances will this information be used for any purpose other than to arrange for the shipment and payment of the product ordered by the user, and to conduct correspondence with the user.

In the event of the enlistment of outside services

Jet8 may determine it necessary to enlist the services of an outside enterprise. In such an event, Jet8 will require of the outside enterprise a contract ensuring the protection of the user's personal information in a manner and to an extent which is in accordance with Jet8's privacy policy.

User information and third parties

Under only two situations will Jet8 provide any user information to third parties:

  1. The user's information is required of Jet8 by law.
  2. Jet8 has first obtained the user's permission to provide the user's information to a third party.

In-house training in regard to the management of user information

Jet8 employees are required to learn and properly apply Jet8's privacy policies. Every new employee is trained accordingly. Jet8 employees understand that under no circumstances may they misuse, alter, destroy, or reveal user information.