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Japan Exhibition
(Logistics and representation service in Japan)

Through our years of experience in international shipping, we are able to transport your goods safely to Japan, both for marketing purpose at Japanese international exhibitions as well as commercial shipment thereafter. JET8 can also advise you on the needs and preference of the Japanese and choose the right exhibition for better marketing of your products.

A person in charge who considering listing at the exhibition in Japan

Do you have any of these problems?

I don’t know how to register and participate at an exhibition in Japan…

There is no agent or distributer for our products in Japan…

I don’t know hoe to ship my temperature-controlled products, and where to store in Japan.

Don’t worry about anything!

JET8 Japan’s experienced coordinators can assist you to make your products more appealing to the Japanese public by selecting the most effective exhibitions, registering on your behalf, storing and transporting your products domestically in Japan and providing after-sales service.

Flow of arrangement

Step.1 Inquiry

Please contact us via our web, email, phone or SNS. We can also have Zoom and Skype meetings to clarify your questions.

Step.2 Selection of Japanese exhibitions and fairs

We select exhibitions and fairs that can most effectively promote clients’ products.

Step.3 Planning

We offer a variety of plans ranging from simply importing your products to Japan domestically, and if required accompany you for sales and marketing at trade shows.

Step.4 Agreement

We issue an invoice based on the plan our clients give us.

Step.5 Transportation arrangement

Dedicated JET8 operators arranges import clearance, transportation, preparation of shipping documents, packing, tracking, and the completion of on-site delivery.

Step.6 After-sales service

JET8 provide after-sales service to help Japanese people get to know our clients’ products better.

Life Science Exhibition in Japan


~ BIO Business General Exhibition ~
The largest bio-business-related general exhibition in Asia since 1986. More than 1300 companies from 34 countries will participate in the program, including drug discovery, medical devices, healthcare, environment and energy. Accelerate open innovation through trade shows and seminar partnering programs.
Date: Around October

Regenerative Medicine JAPAN

~ Special Exhibition on Regenerative Medicine ~
Since Professor Yamanaka of Kyoto University was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2012, the development of regenerative medicine has attracted considerable attention in Japan. Nearly 1000 companies participate every year, and more are expected to participate in the future.
Date: Around October


~ Healthcare Digital Medicine Exhibition ~
This exhibition aims to expand the healthcare industry (Health management, promotion, rehabilitation, functional foods, etc.) and utilize digital medicine and digital therapeutics (DTx). This is an opportunity to expand the business market for comprehensive solutions for treatment and health utilizing digital technology.
Date: Around October


~ International Exhibition of Pharmaceutical Raw Materials and Intermediates ~
This exhibition will be held under the seven themes of “Raw materials for medical products”, “outsourcing”, “biopharmaceutical”, “DDS and drug packaging”, “Chinese medicine and herbal medicine”, “equipment and devices” and “final formulation”. It is an opportunity for those involved in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries to engage in efficient business negotiations and obtain leading-edge product and technical information.
Time: Around April

Medical JAPAN

~ General Exhibition of Medical Care and Nursing Care~
Medical services held twice a year in Tokyo and Osaka
This comprehensive exhibition covers nursing care, community comprehensive care, and pharmacies. With more than 420 companies exhibiting and a number of specialized seminars, it is also a great opportunity for information gathering.
Date: Around October (Tokyo)/around February (Osaka)

Food and Beverage Exhibition in Japan


~ Food and Beverage Exhibition~
Held annually since 1976, it is one of Asia’s largest food and beverage exhibitions. More than 85,000 buyers from all over the world come to the venue to discuss business on the spot. You can also apply for an appointment with an influential buyer in advance, so you can use the limited time effectively.
Time: Around March


~Beverage & Liquid Food Development / Manufacturing Expo ~
It is the only and largest exhibition in Japan specializing in the development and production technology of beverages, liquors, and liquid foods. More than 20,000 people from all over the world will attend. This exhibition will be held at the same time as Interface Japan (Japan’s Largest Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Exhibition) and Food Tech Japan (Food Factory Automation and Manpower Saving Exhibition), allowing the company to promote products to pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food manufacturers at the same time.
Date: Around November

Japan Champagne of the year

~ Champagne Fair ~
It is a fair specialized in champagne that can be sold in Japan. A sensual review is conducted by experts, and six departments have been established, including the prestige, credit, and standard departments. The winner of each award will receive a logo neck that can be used for promotional activities.
Time: Around August

Halal Market Fair

~ Halal Food Exhibition ~
This is an exhibition that matches not only products for Muslims, but also products and services that cover all aspects of food, including religion, lifestyle, health, and safety. In recent years, Halal food has been attracting a lot of attention in Japan, and it is a great opportunity to find new markets.
Date: Around October

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