■ Company name
JET8 Co., Ltd.
 ■ Main branch
Tokyo-to Bunkyo-ku Honkomagome 5-28-7
TEL: +81 (0)3-6231-0527
FAX: +81 (0)3-6231-0529
 ■ Founding date
18 August 2004
 ■ Investment capital
JPY 158,800,000
 ■ Main service
・International express shipping
・Land- and air-based shipping
・Warehousing and packaging
・Customs clearance procedures and planning
 ■ Directors
Chairman of the board: Koichi Tanaka
CEO and president: Masahiro Nishi
Director: Takamasa Tanaka
Director: Win Nu Nu Nyo
 ■ Shareholders
Daisei Every 24 Co., Ltd.
Meiko Trans Co., Ltd.
Toei Reefer Line
Daitokoun Co., Ltd.
Komatsu Electro Chemical Industry Co.,LTD.
...and others.
 ■ Tokyo sales office
Hamacho Parc Bldg.3F, Nihonbashi Hamacho 2-6-1,Chuo-ku, Tokyo
103-0007 JAPAN
TEL: +81 (0)3-6231-0527
FAX: +81 (0)3-6231-0529
 ■ Japan West office
Ho 79, Shimomaki-Machi, Komatsu-shi, Ishikawa
923-0026 JAPAN
TEL: +81 (0)761-22-4351
FAX: +81(0)761-46-5208
 ■ Japan Nagoya office
Office within Daisei Every 24 at Sentrea 3-14-3, Tokoname-shi, Aichi
479-0881 JAPAN
TEL: +81 (0)569-38-1672
  JET8 Bangladesh CO., LTD
House # 22 (2nd floor), Road # 18,
Sector # 3, Uttara, Dhaka -1230 Bangladesh
MOBILE: +88 01988004444,+88 01935 728266,+88 01671740282
  JET8 (Thailand) CO., LTD
Nonthaburi 11000, Thailand
TEL: +66-2-525-2220
FAX: +66-2-525-2221
  JET8 Myanmar CO., LTD
No.388,Room ( 7 ),1st Floor,No.(1)Industrial Road
Bahan Township,Yangon,Myanmar
Tel:+95 1-546055,95 1-557441
 ■ JET8 Canada Inc.
26 Longhope Place,Toronto, North York, ON, M2J1Y2 CANADA
TEL: +1-416-498-1462
 August, 2004
JET8 Co., Ltd. is established with Masahiro Nishi as the CEO and President
Investment capital of JPY 1,000,000 is received.
 May, 2006
JET8 receives further investment for a total of JPY 6,150,000.
JET8 is licensed as an international shipping company by the Japanese government.
 October, 2006
JET8 commences with its Cool 24 international frozen and refrigerated shipping
 December, 2006
JET8 receives further investment from large shipping companies in Taiwan and
 January, 2007
JET8 expands its service to include the shipment of pharmaceutical and scientific
samples to Europe, Africa, East Asia, and North and Central America.
 February, 2007
JET8 is contracted to ship samples and supplies for a large industry expo in Beijing.
JET8's expanded service grows. JET8 has now shipped over 30 processed food
and seafood shipments.
 June, 2008
JET8 starts handling foods and medicine under its Cool24 service
 October, 2008
JET8 starts offering representative services to attend International exhibitions and
competitions as well as commodity assessment service
 October, 2009
JET8(Thailand ) Co., Ltd. is established in Thailand
 March, 2010
JET8 contribution toward MONDE SELECTION and iTQi is accredited and JET8
receives an invitation from Embassy of Belgium in Japan.
 June, 2010
JET8 receives further investment and increases total investment to JPY 158,800,000
 September, 2010
JET8 participates as an official member at Japan Pavilion (sponsored by
Japanese Ministry of Agriculture) at ASIAN SEAFOOD EXPOSITION 2010 in Hong
 January, 2012
JET8 Canada Inc., is established in Canada, with its headquarter in Toronto.
 September, 2013
JET8 Myanmar Co., Ltd., is established in Yangon, Myanmar.
 November, 2016
JET8 Tokyo Sales office moved to a new office.
 August, 2017
JET8 Bangladesh is established in Dhaka, Bangladesh.