JET8 provides comprehensive support for the event shipping of materials, samples, and more to overseas trade shows, exhibitions, etc.

Strengths of JET8's event shipping services


We will visit the specified date and location as per your instructions to collect your valuable items.


Overseas handling of goods can be unpredictable, and items may be at risk of damage. We will ensure appropriate packaging to withstand international shipping.

Customs Document Preparation Service

Invoices need to list all items being transported. We can assist with the laborious task of preparing documents, including those for distributing samples and materials for booth assembly.

Export Customs Clearance

Leave the complex customs inspections and potential animal quarantines to us, even for items that require intricate interactions. For goods that can benefit from ATA Carnets or bonded transportation, the process must start at the export stage

Import Customs Clearance

While your goods may clear Japanese export customs smoothly, overseas regulations may affect certain items like food, pharmaceuticals, or electronics. By checking regulations in advance, we can minimize import clearance issues.

Delivery to Booth

In some cases, venues may have predetermined setup dates and times. We will coordinate deliveries to align with the specified schedule.

Unpacking and Installation

For large cargo, additional labor and coordination may be necessary for setup at the venue. We provide support for unpacking your items and can also retrieve the packaging materials used during shipping.

Return to Japan

For high-value items, there may be a need to return them to Japan after the exhibition. We will responsibly handle transportation to the specified address in Japan.

Considerations for Overseas Trade Shows, Exhibitions, and
Event Shipping

Damage and Customs Issues Due to Packaging Deficiencies

To prevent cargo damage and customs problems, it is essential to use wooden crates for shipping, which consolidate valuable items for exhibitions, and in some destinations such as Europe and China, wooden crates used for transportation must undergo 'fumigation treatment' to clear customs. Fumigated wooden crates are marked with a 'treated' label. Also, be cautious when shipping electronic products containing batteries, as special labeling and packaging are required if they fall under hazardous goods.

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Customs Issues Due to Declaration Document Errors

Declaration documents may lead to customs problems. These documents include an invoice specifying the cargo name, price, and quantity. A packing list that details which items are packed in which boxes, along with the cargo name (product number) and quantity, may be unfamiliar to customers who have not shipped goods abroad before. Additionally, exhibition-specific tasks may arise, such as obtaining an ATA Carnet or handling bonded transportation.

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Import License Troubles for Food and Pharmaceuticals

Even if your cargo had no issues during Japanese exports, some countries have regulations requiring import licenses for items like food and pharmaceuticals. Obtaining these licenses may take several months in some cases. JET8 can assist with obtaining import licenses in the destination. We recommend contacting us from the point you decide to participate in exhibitions or trade shows.

Overseas Trade Shows and Exhibitions Examples



A technology-focused exhibition featuring a wide range of high-tech technologies in areas such as virtual reality, augmented reality, food and ag-tech, smart home, digital health, robotics, and advanced automotive mobility.



An exhibition specializing in the field of biotechnology and pharmaceutical development, bringing together over 2,000 companies from 60 countries.



A global food trade fair is held every two years, featuring organic food and halal food. Exhibitors from over 200 countries participate.



The world's largest international exhibition for manufacturing industries, also serving as a platform for promoting decarbonization and Industry 4.0, supported by the German government.

Salone del Mobile.Milano

Salone del Mobile.Milano

An annual interior furniture trade fair is held in Milan, Italy, every April.



The world's largest trade show for video and audio equipment, showcasing cutting-edge video equipment, technology, and the latest trends all in one place.

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