What is Monde Selection?

Monde Selection

Established in 1961 under the leadership of the Belgian government, Monde Selection is the oldest international quality evaluation institution in the world.

It was founded to discover and honor exceptional products from around the world. With a history of over 60 years, it covers a wide range of categories for participation. Winning the prestigious award from Monde Selection, the world's oldest evaluation institution, signifies an external recognition of being a product that holds international appeal.

Evaluation Method and Award Label

Monde Selection conducts a comprehensive quality assessment of each product. The evaluation criteria encompass various aspects such as appearance, aroma, taste, aftertaste, texture, sensory and scientific evaluation, package design, and the company's social stance. Judges utilize their knowledge and experience to meticulously evaluate each product without direct comparison to others. The judging process spans four months, and judges, to maintain their taste perception, sample only a limited number of 25 products per day.

Grand Gold Award

Grand Gold Award
90-100 points


80-90 points


70-80 points


60-70 points

Strengths of JET8’s Monde Selection Exhibition Agency Service

Astounding Success Rate of 93.1% for Gold Awards or Higher

Over the past 5 years, through JET8, 93.1% of customers who participated in the Mondial Selection have achieved either the Grand Gold Award or the Gold Award. (As of August 2023)

With presentation proposals that effectively highlight the allure of your products and the assurance of secure and high-quality temperature-controlled transportation that preserves the taste of your goods, it becomes highly probable to attain Gold awards or higher.

Streamlined Handling of Complex Procedures

To exhibit at Monde Selection, there are numerous intricate procedures such as creating product descriptions in English or French, sending samples to the rigorously regulated European market, and more. JET8 offers comprehensive representation from product registration to sample dispatch, creation of product documentation, and post-award support!

International Shipping by Professionals

International Shipping

Leveraging JET8’s 15+ years of experience as the official representative of Monde Selection, we create unique proposal materials that bring out the allure of your products.

Exclusive Document Creation Expertise

With over 15 years of serving as the official representative of Monde Selection, JET8 employs its expertise to craft exceptional proposal materials that accentuate the appeal of your products.

Document Creation

Monde Selection Arrangement Schedule

Monde Selection typically opens registrations in September each year, and the evaluation takes place once annually. Deadlines and shipping times vary based on the exhibition category. Feel free to inquire for detailed information.

Furthermore, we offer exhibition agency services tailored to your products/ingredients.
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