At our company, we provide entry management services for international food competitions and events such as Monde Selection and ITI through the years. We coordinate events tailored to your products.

Strengths of JET8's International Food Competitions,
Events & Exhibitions Support Services

 From selecting the event to analyzing after winning, a complete full support system.

JET8's international food event support services offer complete full support! From researching international food competitions to analyzing after winning, a dedicated representative will assist you. If you are unsure about which events are available or what documents are required, please feel free to contact us.

Services Included in International Food Competitions and Events Support

  • Research on food competitions that best convey the attractiveness of your products
  • Handling entry registrations for local food competitions
  • Communication with the local food competitions secretariat
  • Creation of presentation materials in English to convey the appeal of your products
  • Translation of product labels and packaging into English
  • Arrangement of overseas remittance for entry fees
  • High-quality temperature-controlled transportation at pharmaceutical-grade levels
  • Investigation of import regulations for food in the host country of the competition
  • Notification of award results and delivery of commemorative items such as trophies
  • Submission of analysis reports for your products
  • Analysis for achieving better results in the next food competition entry
Food Competitions

Proposing the Most Suitable Food Competitions for Your Products

JET8 handles various domestic and international food competitions support. After conducting a thorough interview about your product's sales strategy, target audience appeal, and unique features, we will recommend the most suitable international food competition from around the world for your product.

JET8 provides entry management, shipping, and afterward support services for international food competitions and events such as Monde Selection, Aurora and ITI.

Temperature-Controlled Transportation by Professionals

Leveraging our expertise in biomedical transportation, we provide high-quality temperature-controlled transportation to deliver your products to the host country. We can handle delicate and fragile food items such as rice crackers and cookies, ensuring temperature control for frozen, refrigerated, and ambient conditions.

プロフェッショナルによる 温度管理輸送

Proposal Document Creation by Professionals

We also undertake the creation of proposal documents crucially affecting competition results, specifically designed for English product appeal. Drawing on JET8's accumulated expertise in product appeal and expressive capabilities, we create proposal documents that maximize the presentation of your product's strengths.
Each food competition evaluates different aspects of a product beyond taste and aroma, including visual appeal, package design, presence of additives, manufacturing processes, and environmental considerations. To effectively showcase the merits of your product, it is crucial to understand where each competition emphasizes its judging criteria.

Comprehensive After-Support: Analytical Reports and Recommendations for the Future

We assist in arranging commemorative items such as medals and trophies, provide guidance on using award logo data, and support expanding sales channels after winning. Our total plan includes analytical reports from each competition. Analytical reports written by beverage and food professionals serving as judges provide valuable insights for problem-solving and strategic planning. With over 15 years of expertise, our staff further analyzes and, based on market research, proposes utilization strategies and methods for increasing sales to our clients.

Our Food Competitions Support Service Outline



Our experienced coordinators will conduct a needs assessment based on your preferences. This can be done through phone interviews, face-to-face meetings, or online discussions.


Food Competitions Selection

Considering the preferences gathered during the needs assessment, along with factors such as product sales strategy, timing, and budget, we will identify the most suitable competition for you.


Transportation Plan Choose

Choose from various plans, ranging from 'transportation-only' to 'total plans' that include registration and document creation.



To create tailored proposal documents for each of your products, we conduct detailed interviews to gather information about the products and your thoughts.


Proposal Documents Creation

Utilizing our years of expertise, we create proposal documents that maximize appeal to judges, ensuring the best possible award results.


Transportation Arrangements

From creating transportation documents to packaging, tracking, and on-site delivery completion, our dedicated operators handle all transportation arrangements.


Result Reporting

After the competition concludes, we will report the results, arrange for awards such as medals and logo data, and, if desired, provide support for attending the award ceremony or accompanying you on-site.



Based on the analysis reports received from the competition, we propose future sales strategies through market research to support your ongoing success.


Monde Selection

An evaluation institution established to discover and award outstanding products from around the world. The categories available for submission cover a wide range.

Great Taste Awards

Great Taste Awards

A global competition often referred to as the "Oscars of food," organized by the Guild of Fine Food in the UK. It is distinctive for judging based solely on "taste," regardless of brand or packaging.

International Taste Institute

International Taste Institute

One of the world's leading evaluation institutions that assesses, awards, and promotes globally superior food and beverage products based on taste.

Aurora International Taste Challenge

Aurora International Taste Challenge

The competition opened to a wide range of categories, including food, beverages, and seasonings. An upcoming and noteworthy competition.

Berkeley Spring International Water Tasting

Berkeley Spring International Water Tasting

A water-tasting competition, boasting the largest scale in the world.

World Cheese Awards

World Cheese Awards

The largest cheese competition in Europe, with the primary goal of appealing to cheese buyers worldwide.

World Championship Cheese Contest

World Championship Cheese Contest

A cheese competition held every two years, where both technical expertise and appearance are judged.

International Chocolate Awards

International Chocolate Awards

A chocolate competition where chocolatiers from around the world participate in the evaluation.

Our Food Competitions Support Service Examples

Case 1: Frozen Confectionery ITI Total Plan

Cost of frozen sample transportation to Belgium, English document creation cost, Entry arrangement fee, Overseas remittance arrangement Sales channel expansion support

Case 2: Refrigerated Fermented Foods Mondo Selection Total Plan

Cost of refrigerated sample transportation to Belgium, English document creation cost, Entry arrangement fee, Overseas remittance arrangement Sales channel expansion support

Case 3: Refrigerated Cheese EU Transportation Plan

Cost of refrigerated sample transportation to the EU, Preparation of export-import customs documents, Cost of refrigerated packaging containers Local delivery cost

Case 4: Ambient Confectionery Mondo Selection Transportation Plan

Cost of sample transportation to Belgium, Transportation document preparation fee, Packaging container cost Local delivery cost

We offer food competitions entry services tailored to your products/ingredients.
Feel free to contact us for further information.