JET8 provides liquid nitrogen temperature range shipping services that comply with various laws and guidelines related to regenerative medicine and cellular therapy, contributing to the advancement of future medical research and development.

JET8’s Regenerative Medicine and Cellular Therapy Shipping

Japan and various countries around the world have issued regulations and guidelines related to cell shipments in the field of regenerative medicine and cellular therapy. However, clear and specific guidelines are yet to be established, leaving much of the responsibility for maintaining quality and risk management in the hands of researchers. At JET8, we leverage the expertise and knowledge of regulations and guidelines that we have cultivated over the years in cell transportation related to regenerative medicine and cellular therapy to provide high-quality cell shipping services.

Country of IssuanceGoverning Ministry/AgencyRegulations/Guidelines
Japan-The law concerning Ensuring the Safety of Regenerative Medicine and Other Measures (Regenerative Medicine Safety Assurance Law)
JapanMinistry of Economy, Trade and IndustryGuidelines on the Transportation of Human Cells and Tissues in the Research and Development of Cell and Tissue Products in the Field of Regenerative Medicine
JapanMinistry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Pharmaceutical and Food Safety BureauGuidelines on Ensuring the Quality and Safety of Human (Autologous) iPSC-Like Cell Processed Medicinal Products, etc.

Leave it to the temperature-control professionals
LN2 temperature (-196°C to -170°C) and ultra-low temperature (-85°C to -75°C)

IATA カテゴリーA

We provide high-quality temperature control shipping services using IATA (International Air Transport Association) certified containers. Additionally, JET8 has a significant number of qualified experts with an IATA DG Diploma, specializing in handling hazardous materials such as liquid nitrogen. Our dedicated biomedical staff will come to collect the shipment, so all you need to do is prepare the samples in your laboratory, and we will take care of shipping them overseas.

Introduction to LN2 Temperature Range Dry Shipper Containers

JET handles liquid nitrogen (Ultra-Low Temperature) temperature-controlled shipping services of regenerative medicine via IATA-certified containers for medical research support.

JET8 has a wide range of liquid nitrogen temperature range-specific dry shipper containers. These containers are designed with a double structure of a tank and an outer box, capable of maintaining temperatures from -196°C to -170°C for more than 12 days and providing added protection by preventing external shocks from reaching the inner chamber, ensuring safety during shipping.

We conduct quality tests on the dry shippers based on a checklist to ensure there are no malfunctions and that the cooling performance is optimal. Once the tests are completed, we will take custody of your samples.

Additionally, we offer the option of providing temperature measurement data reports during transport.

Introduction to Ultra-Low Temperature (-85°C to -75°C) Transportation Containers


We offer IATA-certified packaging materials that have undergone validation testing, and we can securely store your samples.

The choice of packaging materials and the quantity of coolants may vary depending on shipping conditions such as the transport route, lead time, shipping period, and sample volume. JET8, as temperature-control shipping experts, will arrange shipping with the most suitable packaging containers and the appropriate quantity of cooling materials to meet your needs.

Additionally, we provide the option of submitting temperature measurement data reports during transport.

We are flexible and can provide customized solutions to meet your specific requirements, whether it is for spot transport or project-based shipping.

JET8 has been providing shipping services related to overseas regenerative medicine clinical trial projects and collaborative research projects. We not only ensure the safe delivery of samples without temperature deviations or shipping accidents but also offer shipping solutions tailored to the schedule of your ongoing projects.

Whether it is spot shipment or project transport lasting for several months to years, we can accommodate your needs. If you consult with us from the planning stage, we can flexibly propose the most suitable shipping methods and routes for your project. Please feel free to contact us.

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