JET8 offers high-quality and reliable pharmaceutical shipping services that adhere to Good Distribution Practices (GDP). We provide innovative solutions for customers who require strict temperature control and security measures in pharmaceutical development, manufacturing, and distribution.

Shipping in Compliance with the Various Countries Regulations and Guidelines

Depending on the destination country, GMP compliance certifications may be required for pharmaceutical exports. Pharmaceutical imports and exports are subject to strict regulations by the respective national pharmaceutical authorities to safeguard the health of their citizens, with particularly rigorous checks for imports. When exporting from Japan, it is crucial to adhere to the import and sales regulations of the destination country and make adequate preparations.

Country of OriginRegulatory AuthorityLaws and Guidelines
JapanMinistry of Health, Labor, and Welfare (MHLW)Good Distribution Practice (GDP) Guidelines for Pharmaceuticals
USAU.S. Food and Drugs Administration (FDA)Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act: FDCA
EUEuropean Medicines Agency (EMA)Good Manufacturing & Distribution Practices
ThailandFood and Drug Administration of the Ministry of HealthFood and Drug Administration Thailand
MyanmarFood and Drug Administration of the Ministry of Health and SportsFood Import Recommendation

JET8’s pharmaceutical transportation service provides support from researching the regulations and requirements of each country involved the regulations and requirements of each country involved in pharmaceutical imports and exports to the preparation of documents that comply with these regulations and requirements. We can assist with both imports and exports, so please feel free to contact us.

JET8’s Original SOP
GDP-Compliant Shipping Service

JET8 has a comprehensive set of original Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and consistently adheres to GDP standards in international product shipping. We prioritize the quality maintenance of pharmaceutical products, maintaining the highest standards in all aspects of quality management, including temperature control during transportation, ensuring traceability, appropriate packaging, and labeling. Cargo handling is carried out in strict complains with GMP and GDP guidelines, as well as the standards set by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

GDP規準輸送 医薬品 輸送
Thorough Temperature Management

To maintain product quality, we rigorously manage temperature control during shipping. By arranging packaging and shipping vehicles following GDP guideline-compliant SOPs, we ensure that products are transported within the recommended temperature range, preventing quality degradation due to temperature fluctuations.

ジェットエイトでは、 医薬品 保管 サービスも提供しています。
Monitoring and Records

We not only maintain temperature records during shipment but also manage cargo receipt, delivery, and opening records to ensure product traceability. For clients with specific requirements, we offer the option to include loggers that can measure real-time data, including temperature, humidity, light levels, and location information.

High-quality and reliable pharmaceutical shipping services that adhere to GDP, with strict temperature control and security measures for pharmaceutical development, manufacturing, and distribution.
Risk Management

We evaluate all risks that may occur during transportation and implement appropriate risk management measures. In the event of any deviation from the transportation plan, we will promptly respond and safeguard your cargo with an appropriate action plan.

 Product Handling

  • Pharmaceuticals (general pharmaceuticals, veterinary pharmaceuticals, etc.)
  • Medical devices (medical examination equipment, syringes, etc.)

We will carefully listen to the transportation details of our customers, who are experts in pharmaceutical transportation, and arrange appropriate transportation following Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines, and the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

 Shipping Temperature Ranges

  • -60℃~-80℃
  • -15℃~-25℃
  • +2℃~+8℃
  • +15℃~+25℃
  • +1℃~+30℃

We arrange appropriate packaging materials and conduct temperature management following SOPs, adjusting cooling agents to achieve precise temperature control based on the size of your cargo and temperature requirements. Depending on cargo size, we can also arrange for airfreight active containers or reefer trucks. Temperature mapping has been performed for your assurance.

At JET8, we also provide pharmaceutical storage services.

Both shipping and storage quotations are provided free of charge, so please feel free to inquire.