In 2017, JET8 expanded business into the rapidly growing Bangladesh market.
We provide comprehensive support to those who plan to start their business in Bangladesh.

JET8 Business Support in Bangladesh

Business Establishment Support

We help with the necessary procedures to establish a new business location in Bangladesh.

Travel Visa Acquisition Service

For visiting Bangladesh, whether for tourism or business purposes, a travel visa is required. We will handle the cumbersome visa application process on your behalf.

Air and Sea Freight Services

We offer shipping services for cargo to Bangladesh via air and sea, overcoming the complexities of import and export regulations. We provide transportation services of Japanese quality.

Strengths of JET8's Bangladesh Business Support

Native Bengali Speakers

Our Tokyo office has native Bengali speakers who can support your Bangladesh business in three languages: Bengali, English, and Japanese.

Regular Updates on Local Information

Through timely information exchange with the local team, we will keep you updated on the rapidly changing conditions in Bangladesh.

Trade License Acquisition

We have obtained various licenses (Trade License / IRC / ERC) required to become an exporter or importer in Bangladesh. Jet8's local entity can act as an exporter or importer on behalf of our clients.

Curio Dealer License
Licensed to Sell Advanced Medical Equipment

We have acquired the necessary licenses within Japan to export items in demand in Bangladesh, such as used cars, used textile machinery, and used medical equipment.

Business Establishment Support

In Bangladesh, where rules change frequently, establishing a liaison office or a local entity can be quite challenging. We offer support for tasks such as company name registration, company incorporation, bank account opening, BIDA application, and business license application.

  • Company Name Registration
  • Preparation of Articles of Incorporation
  • Opening a Bank Account
  • Acquisition of Certificate of Incorporation
  • Acquisition of BIDA number
  • Obtaining a TIN number
  • Acquisition of Trade License
  • Join DCCI Membership
  • Obtaining Import License Registration (IRC) / Export License Registration (ERC)

→We provide total support!

Application for a Travel Visa

A visa is required to travel to Bangladesh for both tourism and business.

Business Visa(Type B)30 days:60days:1 year
Tourist Visa(Type T)30 days only

*Other types of visas are also available. Please feel free to consult with us.

From online data input to document submission at the embassy and visa collection from the embassy, we handle the entire process seamlessly. If you would like more details about the costs, processing time, and other information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Additionally, if you have any requests, we can also arrange transportation within Bangladesh, such as from Dhaka Airport to your accommodation or from your accommodation to your destination.

Air and Sea Freight Services

When establishing a business or conducting negotiations in Bangladesh, not only people but also the transportation of goods becomes necessary. Whether it's relocation for setting up an office or samples of goods for business discussions, starting a business in Bangladesh requires smooth and high-quality transportation services. With Jet8's transportation services, we provide smooth and high-quality transportation even in the strict regulatory environment of Bangladesh.

Air Freight Services

Once we have gathered the details of your transportation needs, you don't need to worry about anything. From local regulatory research to preparation of transportation documents, packing materials, cooling agents, and handling any issues that may arise, our staff will take care of everything responsibly.

Door To Door トータルサポート
  • Flight booking
  • Packing according to IATA standards
  • Preparation of export-import documents
  • Customs clearance procedures
  • Local storage arrangements
  • Collection and delivery arrangements in Bangladesh

→All of the above are included in the cost!

For Japanese companies expanding into Bangladesh

Welfare Food and daily necessities Delivery service

Our Door-to-Door shipping service for processed food and other goods has been well-received as part of the welfare benefits for local expatriates representing Japanese companies expanding into Bangladesh. Not only food items but also daily necessities and baby products can be shipped.
Even in strict regulatory environments like Bangladesh, we ensure the swift and accurate delivery of hometown flavors and Japanese-quality daily goods. We are available for both individual and corporate shipments.


Sea Freight Services

We offer flexible sea freight services tailored to your development project's needs. Our Bangladesh team possesses expertise in avoiding transportation risks specific to Bangladesh, enabling us to provide transportation services that align with your schedule and budget. We handle all the complex tasks from collection to delivery in one package.


Moreover, we can also arrange bookings with shipping companies and accommodate your specific Incoterms based on your preferences, such as port-to-port deliveries or other arrangements.