What is the International Taste Institute?

International Taste Institute (ITI)

ITI is an International Judging Competition by Renowned Chefs and Sommeliers Making a Global Impact

The International Taste Institute is now a leading evaluation body globally, which assesses, awards, and promotes food and beverage products that excel in taste all around the world. It has become a staple in the domestic market.

Evaluation Method and Excellence in Taste Award Label

The judging panel is composed of professional taste experts who are members of the world's most prestigious Chef and Sommelier Association. In this evaluation competition, where each judge conducts sensory analysis, companies from over 80 countries and of all sizes enjoy the merits of receiving the Excellence in Taste Award.

The awarded products receive three levels of the Excellence in Taste Award

Three Stars
Exceptionally Outstanding

Two Stars
Highly Commended
Below 90% but above 80%

One Star
Below 80% but above 70%

There are also different designs available.

Strengths of JET8's Listing Agent Service

Three-Star Success Rate: 66%

At ITI 2023, through JET8, 66% of our customers who entered the competition with ITI have achieved a three-star rating. (As of August 2023)

Comprehensive Optional Services

You can also obtain the following reports and proposals as options.

●Sensory Analysis Report:
You can obtain comments from experts regarding the main sensory criteria of your product. These comments can be used in your promotional materials.

●Food & Drink Pairing Suggestions:
You will receive suggestions from experts on which foods and beverages pair well with your product from a flavor perspective.

●Questions for Judges:
You can ask up to three questions to chefs and sommeliers about your product.

Streamlined Handling of Complex Procedures

There are many complex procedures involved, from entry procedures for ITI to sending entry fees abroad and shipping samples to the stringent regulatory environment of Europe. At JET8, we handle everything from product entry to sample shipment and post-award support in one go!

Arrangement Schedule

ITI holds two evaluation sessions each year, one in autumn and one in spring. You can choose the entry period that suits your desired timing for receiving the evaluation results.

listing agent services

Furthermore, we offer listing agent services tailored to your products or ingredients.
Please feel free to inquire for more details.