JET8 provides a transportation service for research experimental animals and offers comprehensive support for medical and pharmaceutical research and development.

Key Features of JET8’s Experimental Animals Transportation Services

Door to Door
Comprehensive Support

We handle the complex procedures involved in the international transportation of live animals and deliver your valuable animals to the destination country via the shortest route.

With expertise in transporting experimental animals, we pay meticulous attention to factors like temperature and vibration, minimizing animal stress and ensuring safe transport.

Government and Quarantine
Application Procedures

Utilizing our knowledge and experience in international transportation, we conduct thorough preparations, including investigating export-import regulations and animal quarantine in the destination country.

We offer support for government and quarantine applications. We also handle customs procedures for both Japan and the destination country.

Animal Transportation Containers
Label Arrangements

We provide secure and safe experimental animal feed and equipment using animal transportation containers, cages, and labels compliant with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations for animal transportation.

Regardless of the number, gender, or classification of experimental animals, we can accommodate your needs.

Pickup and Delivery
Charter Exclusive Vehicles

To transport your precious experimental animals in a clean state, we use disinfected charter vehicles.

Drivers with expertise in transporting experimental animals will arrange safe transportation to the destination. Upon request, we can issue disinfection certificates.

Proposed Solutions

Handled Experimental Animals

(Genetically modified) mice, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs, crab-eating macaques
Zebrafish, medaka, fish embryos, etc.

Feel free to inquire about other experimental animals not listed here.

Experimental animals (mice, rats, rabbits, fish, monkeys, etc.) for R&D

Experimental Animals Shipment Process

① Consultation and Quotation
② Application and Transportation Arrangements

We will provide you with a quotation considering the type of animals, number of heads, number of cages, delivery destination, and desired transportation timing.

We will guide documentation preparation for export-import regulations and quarantine applications in the destination country, as well as pick-up schedules.

③ Pickup, Quarantine, and Export Clearance
④ Flight, Import Clearance, Quarantine, and Delivery

We will ensure the quality maintenance of animals and perform transportation tasks with safety and security in the shortest possible time, from collection to animal quarantine application and export customs clearance arrangements.

We will arrange the shortest route for the flight or transportation, handle the destination country's quarantine application and import customs clearance, and deliver your precious animals safely.

※After the transportation is complete, we can also provide temperature management reports during transportation and issue disinfection certificates.

Estimated Experimental Animals Transport Durations (Examples)

Japan → GermanyLive Mice36 to 72 hours
Netherlands → JapanLive Mice36 to 72 hours
China → JapanLive Mice 24 to 48 hours
Japan → Germany魚胚36 to 72 hours

From collection to delivery at the destination for laboratory animal transportation, we provide total Door-to-Door support. This helps reduce your expenses and efforts, contributing to your business efficiency. Please feel free to contact us for inquiries.

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