What is Aurora International Taste Challenge?

Aurora International Taste Challenge  (AITC)

Aurora is the newest and highly-attention competition

The Aurora International Taste Challenge (AITC) was established in 2019 to recognize and

award food and drink excellence internationally while helping consumers purchase award-winning, expertly-rated products with confidence. There is a wide variety of food categories, and seasonings are also considered.

Marketing from a fresh perspective, focusing on information dissemination through the use of social media, holds great promise. TOYOTA, one of the major sponsors, is also participating, which raises high expectations for increased recognition in Japan in the future.

Category Classification

The Aurora International Taste Challenge accepts entries from across the whole food spectrum, including drinks, sauces, olive oil, olives, tea, coffee, meat products, and convenience food among many others.

Each entry is categorized and judged in detail according to specific subcategories. This allows products to receive evaluations within their niche, differentiating them easily from competitors in the same genre. If you have inquiries or require information on categories not listed below, please feel free to contact us.

Baked Good &


Condiments & Sauces


Beer, Cider & Mead

Spirit & Liqueur


Meat Awards

Olives and olive oil

Dairy Products

Snack & Cereal


Evaluation Method and Excellent Taste Award Label

At the Aurora International Taste Challenge, outstanding products in each category are awarded Double Gold, Gold, and Silver awards, and the exceptional products available worldwide receive the Trophy award.

Judges conduct blind evaluations without any knowledge of the products' backgrounds. Additionally, they do not discuss the products with each other but make individual assessments. The scoring companies evaluate products from the perspective of consumers rather than their personal preferences. Aurora International Taste Challenge has its unique scoring criteria, considering not only taste but also aroma, texture, and overall impression in the evaluation. Furthermore, specific criteria tailored to each category are established based on the product's characteristics.

Trophy Award
Awarded to the top product within each category.

Double Gold



Scheduling for Arrangements

Aurora International Taste Challenge accepts entry registrations typically from January to May each year, with the judging event held annually.

We also offer exhibition representation services tailored to your products or ingredients.
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