JET8 also supports domestic pharmaceutical transport and pharma raw material production sectors.
We provide high-quality GDP-compliant charter truck delivery services.

JET8's pharmaceutical GDP-compliant
truck delivery service features

JET8 offers an original SOP and maintains consistent compliance with GDP standards

JET8 provides high-quality shipping services based on original SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) created by experts well-versed in the GDP (Good Distribution Practice) guidelines of various countries.

Arrangement of mapped refrigerated vehicles Ability to conduct the validation tests

JET8 will take care of your valuable cargo with temperature-mapped vehicles that adhere to WHO standards. We also offer validation test transportation tailored to your shipping route.

The 2024 Problem Already addressed

JET8 is already prepared for the current demand regarding the "2024 Problem." By coordinating with shippers, consignors, and consignees, we eliminate driver idle time, offering an efficient and optimal logistics solution.

Various temperature ranges Capable of handling different payload weights

We can arrange vehicles according to various temperature ranges such as frozen, chilled, and ambient, as well as based on your cargo volume, including 2-ton trucks, 4-ton trucks, 10-ton trucks, and vans.

Is your shipment and delivery in compliance with GDP guidelines in time?

Even for cargo with temperature specifications ranging from +1°C to +30°C, arranging refrigerated transport is common practice!

During the summer in Tokyo, the cargo area of a truck without temperature control (i.e., dry) can reach temperatures of approximately +40°C to +50°C. Many pharmaceutical companies and raw material manufacturers have reported that they previously thought domestic transport within the range of +1°C to +30°C would be fine without temperature control, but upon temperature measurement, they found deviations from the expected range.

Without Temp ControlAs it comes

*The temperature range settings may vary depending on the applicable GDP guidelines. Please feel free to consult with us.

We will handle your valuable cargo using vehicles that have undergone mapping.

JET8 conducts vehicle mapping according to the procedures outlined in the WHO Technical Report. Based on the mapping measurement results, we determine Hot Points and Cold Points and perform temperature measurements during transportation and distribution.

※”Mapping” is:
Vehicles transporting pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical raw materials (intermediates, APIs), and similar items must ensure proper delivery temperatures regardless of where the cargo is placed within the vehicle. To verify and confirm this, temperature measurement tests are conducted on the vehicle before use, under conditions closely resembling actual usage. This process is referred to as mapping.


Validation Test-Shipment Available

To achieve a more accurate temperature-controlled shipment, we recommend conducting a test shipment based on the actual transportation route, cargo volume, and lead time. JET8 can accommodate it (=validation test-shipment). We handle everything from creating the test plan for validation test shipment to conducting the tests, recording temperature measurement results, shipping lead time results, and preparing the test result report.

※“Validation” is:
To verify and confirm whether pre-selected procedures, methods, equipment, etc., are functioning as intended. In the context of pharmaceutical transportation, validation involves testing whether transportation can be completed as planned in terms of temperature maintenance, route, transportation lead time, etc., as specified in the transport plan and then verifying the results.

中間体 医薬品原料
バリデーションテスト 輸送
WHO Technical Report

Ensuring traceability

Traceability is one of the essential elements in GDP-compliant transportation. JET8 ensures traceability by rigorously managing shipping-related data through the confirmation of pre-shipment cargo information with shippers, consignees, and senders, as well as by verifying delivery certificates. Furthermore, you can check the current shipping and delivery status at any time through tracking services, email notifications, and more.

※“Traceability” is:
In the context of pharmaceutical manufacturing, traceability ensures that every step in the supply chain related to pharmaceutical production can be consistently tracked from manufacturing to the hands of the patients. When it comes to shipping, information recording and storage are primarily required for the following aspects as well.

WhenWhoWhatHow manyFromTo

This is necessary to ensure a smooth process of product recall in cases of counterfeit drugs, manufacturing errors, and similar situations that may require the retrieval of pharmaceuticals.

医薬品物流 GDP規準準拠 トラック 輸送

Arrangements of the optimal-sized vehicle

When it comes to refrigerated or frozen trucks, finding the desired vehicle size can be challenging due to the limited number of available trucks. However, by utilizing JET8's domestic network, we will arrange the optimal vehicle size for your cargo volume. We can accommodate both spot shipments and regular services, so please feel free to reach out for a discussion.

GDP-compliant charter truck delivery services

Shipping flow

① Hearing & Quotation
② Application & Schedule Adjustment

We will inquire about temperature requirements, cargo volume, pick-up/delivery details, preferred dates, and more to create a quotation for you.

Once you have submitted your application, we will schedule and arrange the transportation based on your preferred dates.

③ Pick-up
④ Delivery & Temperature Report Submission

Our specialized pharmaceutical transport staff will collect your cargo. In case of any delays or irregularities during shipment, we will provide timely updates.

We will deliver your cargo using the optimal route. After delivery, we will provide a temperature management report for the duration of the shipment.

JET8 offers a quality-focused truck delivery service that sets us apart from price-driven truck arrangement providers. We aim to provide a service that ensures your satisfaction. Please don't hesitate to reach out for inquiries.