Overseas Event Hosting Support Service:
Audio, Musical, Stage etc. Equipment

When holding performances or events overseas, JET8 is here to assist with the transportation of audio equipment, stage setups, and facilities!

Strengths of JET8's Overseas Event Support Services

Collection in Japan to local delivery and installation Door to Door service

Do you have cases with large-sized equipment or precision machinery that is difficult to carry by hand? From disassembling machinery, repackaging it for transportation, domestic transportation to airports/ports, and loading onto ships, please consult with JET8 for comprehensive support.

We also offer various packaging forms that are resistant to vibration and impact. Customized packing according to your request is also possible.

After arriving in the host country for the event, we collaborate with over 50 agents worldwide to handle delivery to the local venue and installation operations.

Leave the temporary import procedures to us as well.

We also handle the application for ATA Carnet (a customs document for temporary importation of goods) when temporarily bringing exhibition items, stage setups, audio equipment, filming equipment, etc., overseas.

ATA Carnet is a customs document that allows for temporary importation with duty-free privileges. To obtain it, one must apply in advance, providing details about the cargo and the necessary documents.

The application process requires advance preparation, and the registration and examination procedures can be complex. At JET8, we offer comprehensive assistance from advising on necessary documents to handling payment procedures, all through a single point of contact. We ensure well-timed guidance with flexibility to accommodate your event schedule.

Transportation Flow:


Transportation Preparation

We will inquire about what items, in what quantity, from where to where, and by when you would like them transported, and provide you with a quotation.

Feel free to contact us for inquiries during the consideration stage or on a consultation basis.

Leave everything related to international transportation to the professionals, from creating necessary documents (Invoice, Packing list, etc.) to supporting the issuance of ATA Carnet for temporary import duty exemption.

We can also work with you on developing a transportation plan and conducting preliminary meetings to discuss preferences, points to note during transportation, and more.

As a part of the team, we aim to support the success of your event.

Transportation Operation


According to a pre-set schedule, we will arrange the optimal flight/vessel for you.

During transportation, it is easy to track the location of the cargo using the tracking system.

In the event of any trouble, our staff is on standby 24/7, 365 days a year to handle any issues.

Once the cargo safely arrives at the destination, leave it to us for door-to-door delivery and installation to the venue.

After the event concludes, we also handle the repackaging and return procedures to Japan.

JET8 provides transportation services for various cargo, including audio equipment, stage setups, and facilities. Feel free to contact us for more information.