Sustainable Green GDP  ”Truck to Rail”

Thank you for always using our temperature-controlled transportation services.

This time, JET8 is pleased to announce a joint venture with Japan Oil Transport Co., Ltd. (JOT) to conduct a demonstration experiment of GDP-compliant temperature-controlled railway transportation, aiming to provide a new green and sustainable transportation solution.

Utilizing the environmentally friendly railway mode, which significantly contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and considering the upcoming 2024 driver shortage issue, "railway transportation" is gaining attention as an alternative to trucks. In this context, we have combined JOT's "temperature-controlled containers for railways" and JET8's pioneering "GDP temperature-controlled transportation" to design a new service from three perspectives: maintaining the green environment of the Earth, ensuring the sustainability of human resources, and addressing GDP compliance.

We seek the understanding of this new service concept and invite pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmaceutical raw material manufacturers to participate in the first step towards its realization, the demonstration experiment.

For almost 20 years since our founding, we have primarily focused on international transportation services. However, in recent years, we have received numerous inquiries about domestic distribution. The background to this includes concerns from pharmaceutical manufacturers such as:

  • Will we face difficulties in arranging trucks due to the 2024 problem?
  • If GDP standards are tightened, will existing carriers fail to meet the criteria?

From a CSR perspective, do we need to find a clean transportation method as an alternative to trucks?

If your company can cooperate in this demonstration experiment, we will flexibly address matters such as transportation routes and cost-sharing through discussions with relevant parties. For participating companies or if you have any questions or opinions, please feel free to contact us through the contact information below or the inquiry form.

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