【 Pharmaceutical GDP Transportation and Storage】 Online Seminar

Our representative, Masahiro Nishi, will conduct an online seminar at the "Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Quality Management, GMP, and GDP Seminar" organized by the Information Agency. The seminar will cover GDP compliance in air and sea transportation as well as warehouse storage for pharmaceuticals. We cordially invite you to participate!

Theme: "Key Points and Practical Considerations for GDP Compliance in Pharmaceutical Transportation and Storage"

Date: May 24, 2023 (Wednesday) 13:00-15:30
Participation Fee: 33,000 yen per person (inclusive of 10% consumption tax, with materials included)
   *For two or more attendees from the same company registering at the same time, the fee is 22,000 yen per person.
         *Educational institution discount: 50% off for students and faculty members. Please check the "Seminar Application Guidelines and Procedures" for details.

【Seminar Contents】

Basics of GDP
1.1 What is GDP Guideline?
1.2 Various GDP Guidelines
1.3 Structure of GDP Guidelines

Key Points of GDP
2.1 Complying with GDP Guidelines
2.2 Organizational Structure
2.3 Quality Management
2.4 Facilities and Equipment
2.5 Operations
2.6 Drug Recall
2.7 External Contractors
2.8 Self-inspection
2.9 Transportation
2.10.1 What are SOPs?
2.10.2 Creating SOPs

Key Points of GDP in Transportation
3.1 Case Studies Introduction

Key Points of GDP in Storage
4.1 Case Studies Introduction

Considerations for International Transportation and Storage of GDP-regulated Pharmaceuticals
5.1 Considerations in Air Transportation
5.1.1 What is IATA?
5.1.2 What is IATA DG?
5.2 Considerations in Sea Transportation
5.2.1 What is SOLAS Convention?
5.2.2 What is IMDG Code?
5.3 Considerations for Hazardous Goods Storage
5.3.1 Storage of Goods under Fire Services Act
5.3.2 Storage of Poisonous and Hazardous Goods
5.3.3 Storage of Viruses and Infectious Substances

Question and Answer Session