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Improving Quality of Life Globally
While aiming to be the World’s №1 provider to support urban
infrastructure and medical innovation, JET8 will continue to
contribute to human development
Improving Quality of Life Globally
While aiming to be the World’s №1 provider to support urban
infrastructure and medical innovation, JET8 will continue to
contribute to human development
Improving Quality of Life Globally
While aiming to be the World’s №1 provider to support urban
infrastructure and medical innovation, JET8 will continue to
contribute to human development

JET8 aims to be the No.1 in logistics to support urban
infrastructure and medical innovation globally

We, JET8, consider ourselves to be an assistant partner in sustaining the development of urban infrastructure around the world, as well as innovation of new pharmaceuticals and chemical materials as logistics expert.

When there was no Japanese company to support door-to-door global logistics and to handle all tasks including packaging, preparation of trade documents, checking the import and export regulations, JET8 developed seamless business through practical experience as a responsible company in which solutions are implemented rather than just put in words.

Today, JET8 is aiming to be the world’s No.1 expert in logistics by offering smooth shipping transactions in urban development, infrastructure construction projects of railway and roads around the globe. We, JET8, support the creation of new value in technologically innovative field of medicine, chemistry and pharmacy through our logistical expertise.

JET8 proposes various optimal solutions based on our diverse experience and know-how, including large-scale Japanese ODA-related project transportation in Asia, such as Bangladesh and Myanmar, shipment from/to the Middle East and CIS countries, logistics of dangerous goods and frozen cells for research and development, long-term storage of infected disease samples, support for clinical trial creation of new drugs, and assistance for submission to overseas food-product competitions.



Update on Account Registration form

We appreciate your constant business with JET8 CO., LTD. Kindly note that we will update all Vendor / Supplier / Client Accounts annually. As of 1 April 2022, a new  registration form is requested and we appreciate your kind cooperation in providing the supporting documents for your entity. 

In addition, JET8 is committed to meeting its global obligation to prohibit bribery and corrupt practices in Japan and across its network. We request all clients and vendors to provide Anti-corruption compliance certification either in Japanese or English. 

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Our IVF specimens (embryos, eggs and sperm cell) service

We can handle both domestic (In Japan) and international transportation of IVF specimens by our special cryogenic container (Dry-shipper) approved by International Air Transport Association. (IATA)
We also arrange for temperature-controlled pickup and delivery, customs clearance and quarantine, and support the preparation of necessary documents for international shipping.
As a logistics company specialized in transportation of biological materials, JET8 Japan is happy to assist IVF patients across Japan. We would like to contribute to the happiness of each patient by providing high quality frozen 190 Degree Celsius shipment of frozen eggs, sperm and embryos.

If you are planning shipment from/to Japan, please feel free to contact us from the below contact form or send email at japan@jet8cargo.com


To the customers who are troubled about international shipment under COVID-19 calamity

Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, the huge demand for international logistics makes freight high and vessels accumulated at ports. JET8 can propose alternative modes of transportation that differ from your normal transportation network.

We will make a new solution for transport of temperature controlled products, small samples, and even large-scale heavy machinery / equipment. Please contact us if you have some trouble with your usual shipping.

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[Information Related to COVID-19] as of January 25th, 2021

The Declaration of the State of Emergency is in effect until February 7th 2021 in 11 Prefectures; Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, Tochigi, Gifu, Aichi, Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo and Fukuoka.

There is no change in JET8 service during the state of emergency.
We are fully operational despite the state of emergency which is in effect until February 7th.

Restrictions in Japan are less strict than other countries.
The new restrictions include:

  1. Shorten the operating hours of dining and drinking establishments until 8 PM
  2. Decrease the number of people at workplaces by 70 percent through teleworking
  3. Refrain from going out after 8 PM for non-essential or non-urgent reasons
  4. Limit the number of people attending sports events or concerts

There is further domestic flight reduction for two main airlines, JAL as well as ANA in Japan.
According to the published report as of January 13th, the 2 major airlines would cut domestic flights in the period by January 31st 2021.

  1. ANA cuts 2,698 flights in the period between January 15 and 31. The operation rate will be 56% compared to the original schedule.
  2. JAL will cut 3,567 flights in the period between January 13 and 31, and the operation rate will be 56%.
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Supporting “change of diet” due to the pandemic of Coronavirus for the food industry.

With the rapid shift from eating out to eating at home, JET8 supports sales marketing and value-adding for the food industry.
For more information, please feel free to contact us! (Mail:event@jet8cargo.com )


Operational impact of COVID-19

A month-long state of emergency is declared in Japan from 8 April, until May 6. State of emergency is applies toTokyo and Chiba, Kanagawa, Saitama, Osaka, Hyogo and Fukuoka.This declaration in Japan is not a complete lock-down like other countries and essential services, including logistic services are available across Japan as well as 7 Japanese prefectures with state of emergency.
JET8 Japan is still operational during these emergency situation (with reduced staff), and we are offering bio-medical and pharmaceutical products as well as other essential shipments in/out of Japan, as well as domestically in Japan.
At this point, Japan has banned entry for 73 countries and regions. Japanese citizens returning must be tested, a 14-day isolation period and must refrain from using public transportation. Due to flight cancellation and reduction,air space availability is tight and freight costs are much higher compared to pre-COVID19 pandemic.


Contribution for the world health crisis

As a part of contribution for the world health crisis, JET8 Cargo is offering international transportation of Biological Substance Category A and B, including required transportation of biological material, antibody, diagnostics, or reagent kit according to IATA and WHO rules and packing regulations. JET8 Cargo and its cold supply chain is here to assist combating Corona Virus epidemic. If you are planning shipments from/to Japan please feel free to contact us.


Appeared on JBIC Today!

On 2019 August, CEO, Mr. Masahiro NISHI, is on the official JBIC newsletter. His unique and interesting story, includes an insight on how JET8’s international door to door courier service started 15 years ago. Future business plan and vision is also interesting to read. JET8 group is going to develop its logistics business (AIR and OCEAN) in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, as well as Middle East, Africa and north America. Our logistics services includes both cold chain as well as project shipping for infrastructure construction projects.
If you want to read JBIC Today, please check here.


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